Image Restoration

Sometimes bad things happen to good pictures, over time they may fade, get scratched, get small cracks...Maybe you took a great picture, but the edge of your thumb is in the way, hey, it happens. If you find yourself with a priceless photo that needs help, let me know, and lets see what can be done.


Graphic Design

Maybe you are interested in making a flyer, designing a sign, or creating a business card. I can sit down with you and help you achieve your vision. My goal is to help start up companies and small businesses who want a professional look but can't hire some big ad company. With a degree in psychology and nearly 20 years of computer and graphic experience, let me help you achieve your goals and your dreams.


Wide Format Printing

You've gotten those pictures back from that special event, or maybe you've taken them yourself with your nice digital camera, and there is one very special picture in the bunch, one that would look amazing as a poster. I can print up to 13 X 19 edge to edge at high resolution. The only limit to the size of that poster is the quality of the original. You can combine services (such as image restoration) to achieve the perfect poster.
Posters make a very special gift for Valentines Day, Birthdays or Anniversaries.

CD and DVD Publishing

From putting together that memorable CD or DVD to printing the cover of the CD/DVD we have that covered too. Your family just took a wonderful vacation, and now you want those pictures put together to share with friends and family, I can help you. Are you part of a new band trying to make it big, but you don't have a big spending account, maybe I can help.